Unprecedented, unmatched, unequal, these words are all synonomous with Unparalleled Energy. Defined simply as never before experienced. This Omega infused energy drink is far beyond any other product in the world. The three tongue-dazzling flavors will leave a question of uncertainty as to if this is really an energy drink. Rest easy, well, probably not because it is in fact an energy drink! Not only an energy drink though, Unparalleled Energy drinks offer 70 vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, and will reduce cholesterol and tryglycerides. We are aslo very proud to announce our sole endorsement, Kevin Nee, of the "World's Strongest Man"!

We didn't want to limit ourselves to only energy drinks, so we came up with a line of Unparalleled Energy protein bars. These amazing energy/protein bars have exceeded any other energy bars on the market and will also reduce cholesterol and tryglycerides. The energy/protein bars are available in three delectable flavors and only bring 190 calories per bar.

Lastly, we wanted to introduce another one of a kind product to our consumers. Wheat flavored protein bread. There isn't anything else like this available anywhere in the world. It is filling by itself and most importantly, quite tasty. Don't just take our word for it though, try it and you might be surprised to find it's the only bread you'll ever want to have. It's ok to save a peice for later too, as the bread can sustain a three week long shelf life.

All three of our products meet the requirements for the FDA and INVIMA (South America). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call upon our family owned business.